Die-board Cutter M1812

Die-board Cutter M1812

·Product features

Gantry structure, mixed optic path. High stability, good rigidity, small cubage. Machine tool moving components adopt imported precise ball screw and beeline guide rail which ensure high speed and accuracy.
Light guiding system of machine tool system adopts closed optic path, drawer quick-change lens basement for easy replacement, ensuring the cleanness and longevity of lens.
The laser cutting head is configured with inductance contact tracker, keeping accordant height, sensitive and accurate act while preventing cutting head from crashing with the board.
CNC electricity-control worktable-modest height, flexible moving and easy operation.
Pincers on worktable prevent materials from moving, ensuring high processing accuracy.
Closed protecting structure of the slideway reduces dust pollution, hence improves the life-span of the transmit components.

·Applications & materials

Die-cutting board processing
Metal board cutting

·Technical Specification

Cutting area (length×width): 1850mm×1250mm
X/Y/Z positioning precision: ≤±0.03mm/1000 mm
X/Y/Z repeat positioning precision: ≤±0.01mm
Max. cutting speed: 8m/min
Cutting slot width: 0.35/0.45/0.71/1.53mm(Optional)
Cutting roughness: ≤12.5um 
Max loading: 200kg
Machine tool structure: Gantry beam structure
Overall capacity: 50/75kVA
Power supply: 3-Phase,380V/50Hz
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