IndraMotion MTX standard

IndraMotion MTX standard

IndraMotion MTX standard – PC-based CNC system. The CNC and PLC functions are packaged as a plug-in controller in an industrial PC. Even the basic version offers outstanding performance for 8 axes, of which 2 can be used for spindle functions. Two independent CNC channels are available for process automation.

IndraControl VSP industrial PCs can be integrated seamlessly into the IT network landscape in modern production environments – including a complete package for operation and programming and fast communications ports.

Machining Technologies 
     Nibbeling, Laser cutting 

Axis control 
     Max. 8 axes 
     Max. 2 axes on each spindel 
     2 independant circuits 
     Max. 4 interpolating axes per circuit 
     Linear axes, endless linear axes 
     Round axes 
     Endless rotating round axes 
     Hirth axes 
     Spindel/C axis change-over 
     Max. 4 gantry axes per circuit 2 
     Max. 4 synchronized groups per circuit 1,2 
     circuit-spanning axis transfer 
     Software terminating switch 
     Master spinndel synchronisation 1,2 
     Integrated safety technology cat. 3 according to DIN 954-1 (secure grip,      safe reduced speed, secure end possitions) 6 

Interpolation functions 
     Linear interpolation 
     Linear interpolation with/without accurate stop 
     Circular interpolation with radius and center programming,      helix interpolation 
     Circular interpolation with tangential entrance 
     Threading drilling without balancing chucker 
     Threading drilling 
     max. 30 NC sets projection, look ahead with jerk limiting 
     6 ms interpolation cycle time, min. with 8 axes 
     Spline interpolation, C1 + C2 continuous, cubic splines, B-splines,      NURBS 1,2 
     Nanometer resolution 

Feed functions 
     Feed in mm/min oder inch/min 
     time programming 
     Feed per rotation 
     Constant cutting speed 1 
     Drive to fixed stop 
     Torque reduction 

Adjustments and corrections 
     Mirroring, scaling, turning 
     Zero offset 
     Corrections and zero offsets programmable using PLC 
     Corrections and zero offsets programmable using CPL 
     Placements (Frames) 2 
     2D path corrections 
     Path correction with planar transition 
     Tangential tool guidance 

Tool management 
     Integrated, flexible tool management 
     Configurable tool database 
     Freely definiable tool corrections (length, radius, cutting      placement correction, user data) 
     Additive tool corrections(D-corrections) 
     Access to tool data from the PLC 
     Access to tool data from the CNC 

CNC programming 
     Partial program creation according to DIN ISO 66025/EIA274 
     HLL programming, CPL customer programming      language 
     Graphic NC programming 4,5 
     Graphic NC simulation 4,5 
     64 MB CNC user memory 
     8 MB statistical memory 
     Max. partial program size dependent on PC hard drive 

Technology cycles 
     Drilling 1,2 
     Turning 1,4 
     Milling 2,5 

     Dwell time in seconds 
     Acceleration programming, KV programming 
     Referencing over NC programm 
     Absolut measurement, relative measurement 
     Change-over inch/mm 
     Sensor, stationary/flying measuring 
     Read process and drive data with SERCOS interface  
     Curves and phases 
     Laser power control 
     NC block default setting from PLC 

Support for operator intervention 
     Configurable operation images 
     Cycle header/input aid OEM cycles 
     Block feed/block search run 
     Dry Run 
     Removal und NC block restart on the outline 

PLC programming 
     Integrated PLC: IndraLogic 
     Programming languages IEC61131-3 (AWL, KOP, FUP, ST, AS) 
     8 MB PLC program memory  
     optional 8/8 high speed inputs/outputs  
     8KB per fieldbus inputs/outputs 
     typ. PLC processing time 0,6ms per 1.000 commands 
     Max. 16 PLC tasks 

Diagnosis and start-up tool 
     Integrated, system comprehensive engineering framework      IndraWorks 
     Automatic system supervision 
     Indication and error messages in plain text 
     Integrated drive projection 
     Drive oszilloscope 
     Integrated PLC projection 
     Logic analyzer 
     optional remote diagnosis 

     Configurable user interfaces with all standard functions 
     Projectable, user defined operator images 
     Adaption and integration over standardized interfaces (OPC,      XML, ActiveX, .NET) 

Control hardware and interfaces 
     CPU: IndraControl P40 
     Digitale drive interface SERCOS interface, 2 - 16 Mbaud 
     Profibus DP, 12 Mbaud 
     Ethernet, 100 MBit 

Software and hardware 
     Operating system Windows XP 
     optional panel PC IndraControl VSP 16  
     optional panel PC IndraControl VSP 40  
     optional panel PC IndraControl VSB 40  

     1) Requirement technology package "Turning 1"
     2) Requirement technology package "Milling 1"
     3) Requirement technology package "Milling 2"
     4) Requirement shop programming "Turning"
     5) Requirement shop programming "Milling"
     6) Option in connection with IndraDrive