4-6 axis CNC versatile wire forming machine

4-6 axis CNC versatile wire forming machine


Basic Information:

Model: TCK-65WCNC
Brand: KC
Standard: ISO 9001:2008
Productivity: 1 sets/month
Lead time: 8-10 weeks upon fixed order
Packing: standard fumugated wooden case
Payment:T/T or L/C at sight
Min Order: 1 set
Transport :by sea
Origin: china




TCK-65W CNC versatile wire forming machine combines precision CNC controlled servo-motion system and conveniences of mechanization. It is suitable for various kinds of spring and wire forms products through a simplified setup and programming procedure.
TCK-65WCNC versatile wire forming machine is equipped with eight slides. We design tools for individual purposes such as bending, coiling, pitching, forming, and cutting. Working spaces and angles are considered very carefully to develop portable tool holders for straight movement or supporting movement from other slides.
TCK-65WCNC universale wire forming machine is able to produce torsion springs, compression springs, tension / extension springs, abnormal springs,taper-spring, wire-forms and other related spring products.
TCK-65WCNC wire forming machine is designed for 4-6 axis , 4 axis is standard assignment (cam, wire feeding, wire rotary and rotary quill ) 2 servo spinner system are optional upon request.

Technical Parameter:

Axes Number  4-5(6)
Wire size range 3.0~6.5mm 
Max. Outer Diameter   ¢110mm
Max. Feeding length  unlimited 
Feeding setting value   ±0.01~±9999.99mm
Wire feeding speed    0~75M/Min
Cam Setting value   ±0.1°~±359.9° 
Cam speed 60RPM/Min 
Wire feeding motor  11.0KW 
Cam Motor   5.5KW 
Rotary quill Motor  1.5KW 
Spinner motor  3.0KW
Rotating wire motor  3.0KW
Power AC   380V 50Hz 
Dimension(LxWxH)  3000x1900x2000mm 
Weight  5000kg